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October 30, 2007, 3:36 pm
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Candy that haunts you for weeks after Halloween is not an option for me. The most horrific scene I ever saw was a family who left a huge pile of Halloween candy sitting on the kitchen counter for weeks! The treats I am handing out myself are of the natural kind; raisin boxes and pretzel bags mixed together with mini fun toys.

Once we get back from our candy hunt, my daughter and I put her harvest on the kitchen table and she can pick a few to eat as we are sorting through the pile to divide it in two sections: the OK candies and the not OK candies. Last year when I asked her to pick a few candies, she choose 2! Now I am anticipating that this year she’ll probably multiply that by 10, so we’ll make a candy bag for a week use (one or 2 a day after eating a good dinner). All other candy will go to “the poor children” (her own idea) meaning my colleagues at work 😉

Below some links to other suggestions on Halloween candy, my favorite one is from Dr. Abby, she really has some great ideas!


Happy Halloween!



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