Picky Eater

January 9, 2008, 12:07 am
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A few days ago, my daughter didn’t look and act like her self. She whispered in my ear: “mom can you give me some medicine so I can poop?” Aha! I was impressed that she figured out what was wrong with her and I immediately gave her some mineral oil, two hours later she was able to go and happy as a camper. I explained to her that what she eats and drinks is important and connected to being able to go easily.

When I checked for more information on-line I found one group who states that it is caused by a lack of fiber and another group who says constipation is absolutely not due to a lack of fiber. “So called ‘health-freaks’, consuming lots of grains and vegetables, often are bothered by constipation and gasses.”

Foods that can cause constipation:
– prepared proteinous food (cooked- / baked- / fried- / steamed- / canned-, or heated in any other way- -fish, -meat, -beans, -grains and soy-products)
– dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, quark etc. from whatever animal)
– wheat products (bread, pasta, cookies, pastries etc.)
– somehow, supplementary iron can also cause constipation.
– supplementary calcium because muscles can only contract if they can deport calcium from the cells. If calcium level is elevated, functioning of the colon-muscles is inhibited.

Looking at this list and what she ate the past week, I realized that we were maybe eating too much pasta, whole grains and dairy (she loves yogurt and cheese). Still, I think that moderation and variation are the key towards a healthy functioning body.


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