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January 15, 2009, 12:03 am
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I know it’s kind of a challenge to push your cart, read your shopping list, hold on to your coupons while trying to keep your child entertained and choose the best food possible. Well this guide might be your best shopping assistant. I bought Eat this Not That including the version for children and my 5 year old (oops 5.5 year old) started to “read” it right away and assists me now during shopping telling me we should not buy this cereal because it was on the bad list. I am sure that the cereal makers will be competing to get on the green list of next years edition.

Its handy, but I do have a concern. See, these are just suggestions for when you want to buy a certain food or drink, yet in many cases it would be even better to indicate: WORST-BETTER-BEST. for example fruit drinks…my daughter rather drinks water, tea or milk (items in the BEST category) and it would be great if this book would suggest an even better alternative. It is helpful guide and a positive step in a healthy direction.

Some examples:
Fruit Loops are better for you than Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.
Regular Cheerios is a better choice than Smart Start.
Regular Quick 1 minute Quaker Oats is healthier than Quaker’s Simple Harvest Multigrain hot cereal.
Dole pineapple cups are more nutritious than Dole mixed fruit cups.
Del Monte pear halves beat Del Monte sliced pears.

Your choice! 😉



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