Picky Eater

August 15, 2009, 2:42 pm
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It was one of these hot and humid days when my daughter and I decided to check out a local farmers market. Sarah begged for a little “pet” plant as she called it, inspired by a story I was reading to her about a pet plant who ate dirty socks. In this story the parents want to get rid of the plants because of all the socks they have to buy, but when the two boys give the two plants a name and call them their pets, the situation changes drastically, boosted by local media coverage.

After tasting some pineapple tomatillos, creamy yogurt, and handmade cookies Sarah’s eye caught a funny shaped egg plant and when we picked “him” up he clearly looked like a penguin eggplant. We had to buy him and bring this new pet home.

Sarah made a bed for him and played for hours with her new friend. Eggy made it through the week but started to soften and today we had to “use” him in another way. “As long as you’re gentle with him mom” said Sarah as I started to cut him up and sauté his pieces in a pan with olive oil and Italian herbs. She tasted him but didn’t like it, I am not sure if it’s because it was her friend, or just a very old egg plant.


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