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September 11, 2009, 7:49 pm
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Luckily my daughter figured out after a few cafeteria lunches that she prefers me to make her lunch. And I have to say that her school does a pretty good job with providing as much nutritional value as possible. They serve salads and fruits and promote healthy eating habits. Yet there is still a lot of refined, processed stuff going over the counter.

The book lunch lessons is addressing that issue as well, and I hope I’ll get the opportunity this year to do a presentation at her school and make more parents aware of what we can change and how we can improve the way we feed our children.

I know we all have busy schedules, but we all need to eat and we all need to feed ourselves with nutrition that fuels and sustains our busy lives. We are marinated in marketing adagio that prepared foods take less time, yet we all know that a good meal can be prepared in the same amount of time!

You can make things ahead in the weekend, like a home made chicken soup for example or a rice dish. I try to include: protein, complex carbs (whole wheat products, brown rice), veggies, fruit and dairy. It’s not complicated, you can discuss it with your child and together you can create new options.

I also try to reduce trash, so sandwiches are now in a flat box and other items in small boxes we can re-use. The Japanese are masters of the lunchboxes (called bento box) and they include complete meals and get very creative sometimes đŸ™‚

So my daughter is a happy “bringer” as she calls herself and I am the happy buyer!

Cheers, Mo


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